Chimamda Ngozi Adiclic

The Danger of a Single Story

When I was young I was grateful that we had something to eat because my mom was a single parent we had clean closes. I was always called names and picked on didn’t mind because we had somewhere to sleep and a bed, some people didn’t. I use to get a whipping because I was the oldest, brothers wouldn’t mind. I would love to get over in life at a older age. I would love to see how I can accomplish my goals and I no a lot of people waiting to see it happen.

Rusal Alrubal

What I feel about when you can’t be heard . I always feel when I tried to answer question wither I was right are wrong I feel like they didn’t lesson when I respond  and that really got next to me because of my age. Wither I was right or wrong I feel left out. I work hard to try to learn and respond if I’m wrong I won’t feel bad because I’m here to learn. Some classes I’ve been in I feel like that’s what I should major in. Because I love kids and sorry I waited until I was old.  Voices should be heard.

VIFP Club Carnival Fascination 2013 Gail Doctor I’m a Student at EWC I received a VIFP Club pin for Cruising again said: Back for more fun? Well, who can blame you. When we heard you were returning, we wanted to give you a little something to show appreciation. We were thinking of getting to show our appreciation. We were thinking of getting you a private island. Just kidding. I was like wow but they were just kidding. But we are giving you this commemorative collector’s pin as a token of our gratitude. Now get out there and have fun Wow did I.